Bernhard Krickl - Stealing from the Rich

#02) Der Ring, den ich dir neulich gab (jr)
#04) Auf dem Felsen (sm)
#05) Umkehr (sm)
#06) Meine Stirn (sm)
#07) Ich werde, wenn du weg bist, schreiben (sm)
#08) Lay your hands on me (fs)
#10) Im Juli (jr)
#11) Es wäre gut (sm)

Copyright Notes

The music on this page is provided free of charge for private, non-commercial use. It is, however, copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Music & Recording: for all songs on this page © 1994 Bernhard Krickl. The copyright for the lyrics is held by the respective owners:

(jr) Lyrics: © 1981 Jürgen Rennert. Many thanks to Jürgen Rennert for allowing me to use two poems from his 1981 book "Emma, die Kuh" in my songs and to publish them in this way.

(sm) Lyrics: © 1982 Steffen Mensching. Many thanks to Steffen Mensching for allowing me to use five poems from his 1982 book "Erinnerung an eine Milchglasscheibe" in my songs and to publish them in this way.

(fs) Lyrics: © Frederik Stevens. Those lyrics by an old friend of mine were never published before in any way. Freddy actually abandoned them long ago. I admit I didn't ask him if I may publish the song but I know he likes the song and he gave me the only copy of the lyrics so I think it's ok for him.

Some songs contain short quotes from and allusions to popular songs:
#05) Nirvana - Come as you are
#07) Melissa Etheridge - Like the way I do

Special Thanks to my brother Max for playing the additional instrument on the track "Im Juli" ;)